Our wish list


The REATH Center is in constant need of everyday items.  If you would like to donate any of these items....we would greatly appreciate it!  Any amount of donation is always welcomed!    

•Sponsor a rider for $35 (1 ride)              

•Non-latex Rubber Gloves 

•Sandwich Bags 

•Old cleans rags or socks   

•Paper towels /Tissues  

•Dish soap     (Dawn)                

•Leather New or Saddle Soap   

•Leather wipes   

•Duct tape 

•Tack cleaning sponges                       

•Box of copy paper                   

•Postage stamps   

•Scrub brushes with long handles   

•eZall Horse Wash   

•Fly Spray  

•Muck rakes   

•Orange traffic cones (medium size)   


Whatever you give makes a difference!    

  • $35.00...One ride sponsorship 
  • $125.00...One week sponsorship for 1 rider for summer camp 
  • $210.00...One 6 week sponsorship for 1 rider  $280.00...One 8 week sponsorship for 1 rider  
  • $700.00...One year sponsorship for 1 rider 
  • $15.00... Horse expense for one lesson  
  • $1,200...Horse care sponsorship for 1 year  
  • $100.00...Horse care sponsorship for 1 month  
  • $50.00...1 safety helmet  
  • $100.00...Program insurance for 1 month  
  • $500.00...Special horse surcingle for rider stability                                     

        All contributions are tax deductible